We are a team of creative
problem solvers.

Alto is an independent design studio based in Buenos Aires co-founded and managed by Barbara and Sebastian – creatives from Argentina and Poland. 

We help clients to communicate and grow their brand with contemporary, thoughtful design. We've been working with great people from Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Morningstar, Canada Goose, Box, Mapfre, Betterment, Jose Cuervo, Redesigning Financial Services, NSV Wolf Capital, as well as a number of independent businesses.

We create things with intelligence, sensitivity, and deeply root­ed pas­sion for exp­loration and know­ledge acqu­isit­ion. We are not superheroes, we know that complex problems are best solved collaboratively. So whether you have a clear vision or just a napkin sketch, we are ready to get started with your project.

Presentation design

Custom templates
PowerPoint presentations
Keynote presentations
Investment pitch books

Data visualization

Information design
Annual reports


Web design

Nice words about us

"Alto has amazed us by their professional design, professionalism, customer-focused, can-do attitude, and just by being a super friendly partner to work with. We hope this becomes a long-term cooperation."

Robert Ruttman
Redesigning Financial Services

"Exemplary commitment as well as a very professional approach to their responsibilities. Even when faced with heavy workloads, they produced very good results, thereby exceeding our high requirements and expectations in every respect."

Hanna Urbańska
Credit Suisse Poland

"A team fully dedicated to delivering perfection, not only in the artwork they design but also in the way they embrace their clients’ expectations. The proactive and professional style of working, combined with the quality of the results they empower, leads to a perfect partnership – a partnership we definitely want to continue and expand!"

Fabio Peyer
Morningstar Deutschland

"I enjoyed the process, and my entire partnership has been forced to acknowledge my true genius in getting this project completed so well and so quickly.  Of course, it is your team who have made me look very good indeed, and all credit goes there!"


Richard Melmon
NSV Wolf Capital

Meet the Team

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