Bioenergy is an organization created to help and inspire developers to produce renewably sourced advanced biofuels. Advance biofuels, also known as second-generation biofuels, are produced from renewable biomass that is not used for human or animal consumption, made from agricultural residues. They also have high CO2 reduction potential.
As demand increases for reduced dependence on fossil fuels, Bioenergy is committed to increase the World’s energy by applying innovation and environmental consciousness. This project is part of that process. Focuses on introducing the advanced biofuels subject, communicating the information visually. Statistical graphics and information graphics visually make the subject more accessible, understandable and usable for the receptor.



Presentation Design


Comprehensive information at a glance

Charts made by simple shapes as dots, lines or bars, communicate a quantitative message. The effect which we looked for with this is to simplify the information for it to help users analyze and reason about the data represented more directly and quick than with written information.


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