Wroclawskie Spotkania Cyfrowe

The project organized by Center of Artistic Activities Firlej based in Wroclaw, Poland. The main idea is to familiarize people after 50 with the new technology and media and make their lives easier. On the other hand, it is a great opportunity to meet each other and spend a great time sharing knowledge while drinking tea.

wscnew imacwscnew imac

We've been working very closely with Firlej team to create significant branding and simple yet functional, 50+ friendly website. Bigger fonts, legible layout and consistent design for all printed and digital materials were the first important step to promote this project and help participants gather essential information.

WSC printed materialsWSC printed materials
WSC flyersWSC flyers

How to stay safe on the Internet, how to open a bank account or how to buy online? It was a great opportunity for people after 50 to get some knowledge, take part in a competition and have fun.