We are a team of creative
problem solvers.

Alto is an independent design studio based in Buenos Aires co-founded and managed by Barbara and Sebastian – creatives from Argentina and Poland. We help clients to communicate and grow their brand with a contemporary, simple and thoughtful design. We create things with honesty, empathy, and deeply root­ed pas­sion for exp­loration and know­ledge acqu­isit­ion.  

We take advantage of our different cultural backgrounds and believe that diversity is the key to creativity. We work with courage companies, organizations and people that influence the world for good and inspire us to be our best selves, create meaningful design and learn. Always thrilled about having the opportunity to help.


Brand Identity
Art Direction
Motion Graphics

Web Design
UI / UX Design
Data Visualization
Presentation Design

Selected Clients

Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Morningstar, Urban Connect, Redesigning Financial Services, NSV Wolf Capital, Pimiento Dulce, The Embassy of Poland in Buenos Aires, as well as a number of independent businesses

Let's talk about you

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