NSV Wolf Capital

A refresh of NSV Wolf Capital identity – a company helping enterprises navigate Silicon Valley since 2002. Headquartered on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley, a strategic fund of funds provides not only a coherent, well-diversified platform for investing, but a central place to organize, digest, and communicate the learnings from active participation in the life of the entrepreneurial community. 

old new nsvold new nsv

The former logo was in place for 16 years. We have been asked to refresh it but stay close to the well-known original. The newly rebranded logo is clean, modern and easy to use in a digital environment.

NSV Wolf Capital portfolio9NSV Wolf Capital portfolio9

Our team crafted the new identity and new responsive website around three core values: passion, experience, and connections.

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"I enjoyed the process, and my entire partnership has been forced to acknowledge my true genius in getting this project completed so well and so quickly.  Of course, it is your team who have made me look very good indeed, and all credit goes there!"

Richard Melmon
Managing Partner NSV Wolf Capital

NSV Wolf Capital portfolioNSV Wolf Capital portfolio
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